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Empowering Cannabis Consumers to Participate in the Democratic Process
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What Is Spark The Vote?
Spark The Vote (STV) is a nationwide voter registration and mobilization campaign that is working to leverage public-facing retail networks to promote the Get Out The Vote effort through in-store and online customer engagement. 

STV is  a campaign by the Cannabis Consumer Policy Council (CCPC). CCPC is a coalition of cannabis advocates, veterans, athletes, labor leaders, business, and public policy experts dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights of American cannabis consumers. STV is educating stakeholders across the country about the power of the vote and civic engagement by providing COVID-safe tools for citizens to take part in the electoral process. 



Educate consumers on the importance of participating in the democratic process with a focus on local engagement. 

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​Empower consumers to be effective advocates on social media and make an impact in their local communities.



Mobilize and organize consumers to Get Out the Vote along with engaging in local government action.

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