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What is Spark The Vote?

Spark The Vote is a project of The Cannabis Consumer Policy Council (CCPC), a coalition of cannabis advocates, veterans, athletes, labor leaders, businesses, and public policy experts dedicated to advancing the political engagement of cannabis consumers. ​


This election, cannabis consumers are needed more than ever to participate in local, statewide, and national campaigns. Spark The Vote is a voter registration and mobilization drive intended to leverage public-facing retail networks and social media marketing as a tool to promote electoral participation through in-store and online customer engagement. 


This community has already shown its potential to be a powerful voice,demonstrated by the citizen-run states initiatives which have driven the modern cannabis reform movement.  This campaign is working to capitalize on that momentum and maximize the enthusiasm all the way to the ballot box.​


Spark The Vote is inspiring individuals everywhere to individuals to join our  grassroots campaign, and help fight for their own rights.  Only together will we be able to stop the racist, destructive policy of cannabis prohibition, and the broader War on Drugs. 


Through distinct and specific training and online resources, Spark The Vote leaders will guide and empower Ambassadors to independently register voters and effectively influence their community members to engage in voting and help shape the outcome of the 2020 election! 

What Are Our Priorities?
  • EDUCATE consumers on the importance of participating in the democratic process and voter recruitment, with a strong focus on local engagement. 

  • EMPOWER consumers to be effective advocates on social media and make an impact in their local communities.

  • MOBILIZE consumers to Get Out the Vote!

How Can You Get Involved? 

Become an Ambassador: Ambassadors are the backbone of the Spark The Vote campaign. By mobilizing their own social media network and contacts they help to ensure that everyone's voice is heard in our country’s elections! Click Here

Become a Partner Organization: The Spark The Vote Partners Program is an opportunity for companies and organizations to support the mission of the Spark The Vote campaign. Our partners range from allied nonprofit organizations to corporate sponsors. Click Here

Join the Advisory Board: The Spark The Vote advisory board is composed of community leaders and policy experts who support the mission of the Spark The Vote Campaign. Click Here

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