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What is Spark The Vote?

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Dear Friends,


Many of you have reached out to us to express a desire to support our Spark the Vote campaign and our upcoming 2020 Election Sesh event. We welcome your partnerships and support!


The 2020 Election Sesh will commence with a Q and A with Tommy Chong, then proceed to a “joint sesh” of live comedy and commentary, trivia games, prizes, and giveaways, with political pundits, and other special guests, followed by a 2020 wrap-up and opportunity to interact with some of our guests.


This event is the ultimate platform for politically active cannabis consumers and our partners to participate in an informative discussion in a cannabis friendly environment. 


This year Spark The Vote has partnered with cannabis retailers and other storefronts across the country to launch contactless, COVID-19-safe voter registration stations to expand reliable voter information access. We currently have partnerships with 8 cannabis trade associations, 125 in 15 states, and those numbers are growing daily!

All funds raised will be allocated to our GOTV digital advertising efforts in the swing state of Arizona. As election day approaches it is imperative that we get as many cannabis consumers to the polls as possible.


By partnering with us you will critically increase the number of cannabis consumers who are educated and engaged in the electoral process in Arizona, who will be deciding the fate of Proposition 207. 


Join us in helping to end prohibition by sponsoring today! 


Remember Every Last Vote Counts!


$500 Sponsorship Benefits 

  • Brand/Org logo or name appears in all event marketing

  • Promote product/brand during event 

  • Verbal recognition of your sponsorship during the event.

  • Two CCPC newsletter sponsorships 


If you are interested in sponsoring this event please email for more info.

Custom sponsor packages are available upon request.

What Are Our Priorities?
  • EDUCATE consumers on the importance of participating in the democratic process and voter recruitment, with a strong focus on local engagement. 

  • EMPOWER consumers to be effective advocates on social media and make an impact in their local communities.

  • MOBILIZE consumers to Get Out the Vote!

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