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Dear Friends, 


Thank you for your interest in Spark The Vote!


You are the heart and soul of ensuring cannabis consumers are protected both through your support with the Cannabis Consumer Policy Council (CCPC) and in the political process through Spark The Vote.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives. Together though, we can make a change to help empower cannabis consumers who want to get involved in the political process. I want to encourage you all to vote and join the Spark The Vote campaign so we can all get out the vote together! There are so many opportunities and things each of us can do during this pandemic while also staying safe and healthy.


Studies show that individuals are more receptive and take recommendations from their family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, peers, and more on political issues than anyone else. Though the Spark The Vote Ambassador program, we can provide individuals the necessary resources to help elect political individuals who care about cannabis consumer protection. 


Let's make sure our voices are heard this election!



Nate Bradley

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