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Partners Program

The Spark The Vote Partners Program is an opportunity for companies and organizations to support the mission of the Spark The Vote campaign financially or in-kind. Participants in the program typically fall under three different categories:


  • Allied Organizations: There are myriad resources for social and political activism, so much so that tracking all of these resources is a full time job in of itself, and consequently a major disincentive to getting involved. By referring our Ambassadors directly the resources they have to offer, we lift their voices and champion their causes too.Thus we selectively partner with other organizations that can have a truly symbiotic relationship with us.


  • Business/Retail Partnerships: Our retail partners work directly with the campaign to spread the Spark The Vote message. This is done through:


    • Providing customers with Spark The Vote voter registration links and encouraging registration. 

    • Promoting Spark The Vote through their email and social media networks

    • Putting Voter Registration Stations in their waiting room so people can register when the check in. 


  • Corporate Sponsors: Through sponsorship of the Spark The Vote campaign our corporate partners  are able to directly empower our grassroots efforts to empower consumers, get involved and make a difference in the political process. 


If you are interested in working with us as an allied organization, retail partner, or as a Corporate Sponsor, please email us at

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