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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

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September 16, 2020


The Cannabis Consumer Policy Council, launches a first-of-its-kind GOTV campaign

to increase voter education and participation among cannabis consumers.

Audio of event (edited for clarity and time)

Sacramento, CA, September, 16, 2020 - The Cannabis Consumer Policy Council, a cannabis industry watchdog group, is proud to announce the launch of its Spark the Vote Campaign (STV). Spark the Vote is a nationwide voter registration and mobilization drive intended to leverage public-facing retail networks to promote the Get Out the Vote effort through in-store and online customer engagement. Currently there are teams active in AZ, IL, NY, NV, MA, and MI, with more to be announced soon.

As the movement to end cannabis prohibition continues to sweep across our nation, it is imperative that stakeholders get involved in the political process, on every level of government, to make their voices heard,” said Nate Bradley, Executive Director for the Cannabis Consumer Policy Council. “Adult cannabis consumers are represented in every age, race, gender, political and economic demographic in this country and we intend to reach them all with this campaign.”

STV is partnering with cannabis retailers and other storefronts across the country to launch contactless, touchless, COVID-safe voter registration stations in order to expand access to reliable voter information. “We are excited to host the first Spark the Vote ‘Registration Station’ to encourage our customers to get involved in the electoral process - especially at the local level,” said Kimberly Cargille, Executive Director for Sacramento-based dispensary, A Therapeutic Alternative. Continued Cargille, “These socially-distanced stations will help get thousands of cannabis consumers safely registered, and mobilized in a way that will legitimize cannabis as a long-overdue mainstream policy issue.”

In addition, STV will host non-partisan virtual events to educate consumers on cannabis policy issues, improving civil rights, and advancing social justice. Spark The Vote is building a grassroots movement to create real change through the political process long after November 3rd. “The citizen initiative process has been one of the most successful vehicles driving the modern cannabis reform movement. While these achievements have come on a local and state level, the industry is finally in a place to mobilize customers on a national scale. This community has shown its potential to be a powerful political force that can be effective long after the 2020 election,” said Campaign Director Jimmy Fremgen.

The growing list of NGO partners include, The Cannabis Equity Alliance, the Cannabis Voter Project, Teamsters, Turnout Nation and Americans for Safe Access, among others.

Please visit the Spark The Vote website to learn more about the campaign and how to get involved.

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If you would like to register for the press conference or have any questions you can contact Spark The Vote’s Campaign Director Jimmy Fremgen at 916-209-0706 or

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