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We've created Spark The Vote University to mark sure you are prepared to be an effective advocate online and more informed citizen.


Before he was director of Spark the Vote, Jimmy Fremgen was a senior congressional staffer, regulator for CA state cannabis, and a history teacher. In the videos below he breaks down complicated topics for surviving our democracy.

Make sure to check back often as we will often be updating the educational videos on a regular basis.

How to Spot Fake News

STV Director Jimmy Fremgen gives you 8 simple keys for spotting fake news and becoming a more informed consumer of current events. With more than a little sarcasm thrown in for good measure.

How Does Government Affect You?

STV Director Jimmy Fremgen shows you how government affects you in every part of your day.

What is a State Proposition?

STV Director Jimmy Fremgen gives you the history and purpose of state propositions in California

Presidential Debates

Everything you need to know to follow along with the Presidential Debates

Becoming a Supreme Court Justice

Want to be a Supreme Court Justice? Here's the short guide to everything to expect in a confirmation process with Spark the Vote Director Jimmy Fremgen

What You Need to Know about Peaceful Protest

STV Director Jimmy Fremgen is back with a breakdown on how to peacefully protest legally and within your rights.

Political Conventions

Do political conventions matter? STV Director Jimmy Fremgen explains why they might actually be worth watching.

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